We are planning actions over both days of the conference starting on Tuesday morning. We encourage everyone to come to the Monday night briefing for info and details about the actions. There are a number of roles for people who are taking part in the actions, from blockaders, to first aiders, legal observers, safer spaces hosts, communications & social media, photographers & videographers, holding banners, singing songs and just having fun!


Details to be advised. We strongly encourage people to attend. Please note that police, private security, conference attendees and spies are NOT welcome.


We are aiming to provide accomodation on Monday and Tuesday nights.  We are looking for people in Hamilton able to give a bed to people attending the actions. Email with subject line ACCOMMODATION


Let us know you are coming so we can make sure we’ve got enough room & food for everyone. Registration form will be live soon.

Non-violent direct action (NVDA) training

Non-violent direct action training provides all participants with a background on how to practice non-violence in the context of an action. We strongly encourage people to attend at least one session. There will be 2 info nights that include NVDA trainings + legal questions planned next week:

Wednesday, 7th October 2010, 7pm @ Saint Aidans Community Hall, Claudelands Hamilton (Facebook Event)

Saturday, 10th October, 2pm @ Go Eco environmental Center Frankton, Hamilton (Facebook Event)

Our safer spaces policy

Please take some time to read our safer spaces policy in advance of the action. We are a committed to creating a non-violent and non-oppressive space. We want everyone to be on the same page about this before the action.

The Traffic Light system

We encourage everyone to come to the opening action of the conference as it is important to have as many people as possible – we want to make it difficult for this conference to proceed as ‘normal’. As part of the action, we operate a traffic light system and we encourage you to think about what colour you are throughout the day. You can change your colour anytime – the colour is about what your own personal expectations of yourself are, not a fixed category with any expectation. You might be orange at the start of the day and then move to red for example.

RED TEAM: You are active blockaders who are prepared to be arrested

ORANGE TEAM: You are people who are active blockaders and/or support people (legal observers, first aid, etc)  who prefer not to be arrested and who may or may not move if required.

GREEN TEAM: You are people who cannot or do not want to be arrested. 


Stop the Minerals Forum facebook event:

Minerals Forum Programme with the speakers & attending companies


Sign the petition for a regenerative economy not an extractive economy:

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