1. We are concerned about the climate crisis and believe strong action must be taken to mitigate climate change.
  2. We are opposed to the minerals conference and think it should be opposed.
  3. We are committed to democratic and transparent organising.
  4. We acknowledge Ngati Hauā, Ngāti Wairere, Ngāti Mahanga, Ngāti Korokī Kahukura, Ngāti Tamainupō as mana whenua and kaitiaki of their rohe.
  5. We are opposed to continuing business as usual and think that corporations must be held accountable for the climate crisis.
  6. We respect the privacy needs of all organisers and coalition members.
  7. We have each other’s backs. This means we endeavour to support each other and decisions together. We refrain from undermining other members or democratically made decisions.
  8. We are opposed to destructive extractive industries, and ongoing profiteering from those industries
  9. We are advocates for climate justice and oppose all forms of oppression that contribute to injustice and discrimination.


Criteria for coalition membership:

Groups that are part of the coalition will meet the following in an on-going manner:

  • Agree with the Kaupapa outlined above.
  • Agree to the safer spaces policy here.
  • Agree to participate in decision making, to mobilise their networks and do mahi

Important decisions regarding the action and organising we are doing together should be made in person at weekly coalition meetings.
Decisions will be made as democratically as possible.
Decision making tools such as the temperature check will be used.

In the interest of working together in an efficient manner; It is preferable that at least one representative from each member group could be present at each weekly meeting.

Working Groups have authority to make decisions on their working group subject.
As long as that work agrees with the kaupapa and the goal of the group.
Working Groups should consult for advice and seek to listen to that advice, but ultimately have a final say in their expertise.

All group members are aware of the importance of privacy in preparations.

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